01 - 31 May 2019

I pledge to support South Africa’s First-Year Experience in ways that will make a difference to the lives of first-year students in the country and ultimately ensure that South Africa’s first-year students are sufficiently prepared and empowered for their next steps in the higher education journey.

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90 submissions and counting

1 MrnathimadondoRhodes University
2 MrPumezoKwinanaUniversity of Fort Hare
3 DrPatriciaMuhuroFort Hare
4 MsVuyelwaDondoloUniversity of Fort Hare
5 DrFlorenceMudehweGonhoviUniversity of Fort Hare
6 MsSiyandaNtlabathiUniversity of Fort Hare
7 MsZwakeleXabaMUT
8 MsArthiRamrungMUT
9 DrNosisanaMkontoCape Peninsula University of Technology
10 MsNontokozoMnisiUniversity of Zululand
11 MsNontokozoMnisiUniversity of Zululand
12 MsNontokozoMnisiUNIZLU
13 MsMpho Thahale University of the Witwatersrand
14 MsPulengMosebuaPrivate
15 MsEstelle RigneyPrivate
16 MrMario ThandoNdlovuPrivate
17 MrNikhil RahulMohanlalUCT Graduate
18 MsCatherineBoonzaaierUnisa
19 MsUjala Satgoor UCT Libraries
20 MrsIngridThomsonUCT Libraries
21 MsFeliscaMeyersPrivate
22 MrTumeloCindiPrivate
23 MsCandiceMeyersPrivate
24 MrJohnAbrahams Unisa
25 DrJenniferKeupNational Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (U.S.)
26 MrsChristaPrinslooUnisa
27 Mrmmakgwele makibelo uj
28 MrSiphoZuluDurban University of Technology
29 MsEM NaudeUnisa Gauteng region
30 Mrsraziamayetuniversity of Johannesburg