South African National Resource Centre for the
First-Year Experience and Students in Transition


The key purpose of the SANRC is to improve student success in South Africa by developing and disseminating research in the field of the First-Year Experience (FYE). We believe that the first year of study is a pivotal point in the life of a student and their overall higher education journey.

We work with institutions of higher education all over South Africa to help develop a more welcoming and supportive environment for first-year students, one that is oriented toward student success.

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01-31 May annually represents a time of education, awareness-raising and activism about South Africa's First-Year Experience. This is the one time in the year where we ask South Africa's universities to go all out to raise awareness and increase understanding about the FYE and the need for first-year students to be actively supported.


Few realise the important role that orientation plays in the life of a student and that it can often mean the difference between a student leaving and staying in the higher education system. Universities in South Africa are now actively working to professionalise orientation and make it another pillar of support for first-year students.


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