Student Success in South Africa-Our Holy Grail? Refocusing our attention on the all-important goal of student success


22-24 May 2024


Southern Sun Sandton, 123 Rivonia Road, Johannesburg

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Watch this space for new information about the 9th Annual SANRC FYE Conference 2024.

The SANRC conference has traditionally focused on the transitions inherent in the first year of study. Although this remains a clear focus and topic for the 2023 conference, our mandate also includes the other important transitions students have to make (hence the full name of the SANRC, i.e. a centre for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition). Therefore, the 2023 conference has a broadened and inclusive theme that includes the critical examination of the broader Students in Transition (SIT) aspect of the work on student transitions and student success. As the SANRC moves toward almost a decade of existence, we recognise that the First-Year Experience is one part of a series of important transitions throughout the entirety of the higher education journey of students.