SANRC Capacity Building Workshops

The SANRC offers a programme of specialised consultation services for universities about the First-Year Experience, i.e., specialised expertise and guidance with regard to their First-Year Experience programmes, as well as other services and support systems for first-year students. The consultation services feature a host of services, such as planning, helping to write and cost proposals, making presentations to senior management to support proposals, and facilitating education and awareness- raising initiatives for university staff to learn more about First-Year Experience, etc.

See, for example, our series of Capacity Building Workshops, as noted below.

Introduction to the Concept of First-Year Experience: Reframing Your Approach toward the First Year of Study and the Entire Undergraduate Experience at your Institution

Strategies for Improving Institutional Approaches to First- Generation Student Success

What Universities Can (and Should Be Doing) to Develop a Growth Mindset among Students

Becoming an ‘Invitational’ University: How Invitational Education Can Serve as a Transformational Theory of Practice for Universities

Building Ubuntu into the First Year of Study

National and International FYE Good Practice Guidelines

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about booking any of our SANRC consultation services. We will be glad to discuss our programme of services with you, including the relevant logistics and costs involved in utilising our services. Thank you!