Conference Guidelines

For the 8th Annual SANRC FYE Conference, 17-19 May 2023

Kindly read the following in order to ensure a smooth and efficient conference presentation.


The presentation venue is equipped with Wi-Fi and a portable laptop. The Wi-Fi password will be displayed in the venue. Please allow yourself time to familiarise yourself with the room and the technical equipment, before your presentation. Our SANRC conference organising team will be on hand to support you.


In line with the panel format, use your time wisely to deliver a succinct and focused message. It is advisable to coordinate with co-presenters, in order to ensure a seamless, integrated presentation.


Ensure that your session title and description match the intended content and outcomes. Please notify the venue technician or conference organising committee of any video clips in your Presentation, so that these can be correctly embedded and tested. Please make sure that all video clips are saved as independent files in the same folder of your presentation.


Use a consistent PowerPoint font throughout and ensure that the font size and colour are easily readable (please note that light coloured fonts such as yellow or fonts smaller than 20pt can be very difficult to read from the back of the room). Presentations should be in Microsoft Office (only PowerPoint is accepted), using 16 x 9 ratio and without a password lock.


Speakers should come prepared for their sessions with their presentations on a memory stick. If you wish to have your presentation as part of an e-book uploaded on the SANRC website, kindly save your presentation on the desktop of the computer/laptop in the venue. The conference organising committee will download this at the end of the day. We will not distribute your presentation without your permission.

Please allow some time to familiarise yourself with the room and the technical equipment before your presentation. The conference organising committee will be on hand to support you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.